Sitemap - 2024 - Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism

First, Do No Harm

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: the 23rd Day of Silence and Student Rights

Why Do We Find Modern Life So Hard?

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: a Call for Intellectual Freedom and Library Neutrality

Writing Behind Labels

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: Welcoming Sage Steele

A Farewell and a New Beginning for FAIR in Medicine

Weekly Roundup

Live the Question

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: A Night of Unity, Advocacy, and Celebration

Equity, Equitist, Equitism

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: FAIR Forward Campaign Launch

The freedom to read isn’t just about resisting book bans. Resisting ideological conformity matters too.

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: New York City Gathering

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: Thanks to FAIR, DEI hits a roadblock

Coleman Hughes wants a colorblind America. So should we.

Weekly Roundup

New FAIR toolkit helps parents prepare for BLM at School Action Week

FAIR News: Announcing the Winners of the FAIR Artist Grant

How the social media mob helped me find my voice

Weekly Roundup

The Hollowness of Holocaust Remembrance

How our treatments for “racial trauma” only make the problem worse

FAIR News: FAIR in Education Pilots New Teacher Training

Requiem for the Oscars: The Academy Awards on the Precipice

How should FAIR practice its pro-human principles?

Weekly Roundup

FAIR News: Hope is Not Lost

MLK wasn’t a myth or messiah. He was just a man—and that’s enough

Weekly Roundup

Moving the needle in 2024

FAIR News: Open Letter to the American Psychiatric Association

Book Review: The Soul of Civility

FAIR News: Success at the NIH

The Ideological Takeover of the Church I loved