From "Homophobia in Drag": "[Queer theorists] argue that homosexuality didn’t exist prior to the late 19th century, when the word ‘homosexual’ first appeared in medical discourse."

Oh no, we've been around a long time. Why, we're even in the Old Testament, to wit, Leviticus 20:13! We're the original perverts.

Still, the argument exposes the hegemonic character of the queer phenomenon. Gay icons such as James Beard, who would have been scandalized by the queer turn, are posthumously tranformed into queers. Portland Center Stage's playbill for "I Love to Eat," a one-man show about the famous Portland native, did just that.

Credulous and uninformed media "allies," striving to be with it, don't just use "queer" as a synonym for lesbian, gay or bisexual; to them it is replacement. That's a clear breach of the principles of critical theory politics, which reduce society to an array of uniquely aggrieved identity groups.

For a living example of the negation of gay people's existence by queer and trans interests one need look no further than Portland State University's "Queer Resource Center." Its mission statement speaks for itself:

"The Queer Resource Center supports queer and trans students at Portland State University to achieve their educational goals through advocacy, community, and celebration. The Queer Resource Center prioritizes a racial justice framework to improve campus climate through education, policy change, and campus-wide organizing."


Not only does the Queer Resource Center (QRC) not acknowledge the existence of gay people, it offers no programming specifically for gay students. My search of the the QRC's site turned up only two mentions of gays, both of them legacy institutions whose own missions target us.

I won't belabor the point further except to point out the crucial difference between queer and gay. Queer is neither a sexual orientation nor a gender identity. Queer is, quite frankly, a scene.

At its Judith-Butler worst, queer aspires to destroy all norms around gender and sex. At Portland State (where I am post-bac student in my late 60s), queer is just another flavor of woke. If you aren't for diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism, you're not a proper Portland State queer. As for lay queers, well they're just the latest iteration of disaffected educated leftist urban youth, except with pink hair.

If queer makes such exhausting demands of its adherents, then the membership requirements for Club Gay must be truly daunting, right? Nope. You just have to so romantically and sexually attracted to men that no other sex (forget gender) will do. Stridency is optional. Fun is encouraged.

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