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Regarding "How [the] global pandemic and social justice movement have undermined America," it is disappointing see that FAIR is recommending this reductionist grand narrative about the pandemic. The piece serves only to undermine faith in American institutions, science and expertise. Furthermore, linking an unhinged interpretation of the national response to the pandemic to the fight against DEI and related ideologies harms those causes by undermining their credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of reasonable people.

The author writes: "Our experience set a dangerous precedent of a self-righteous 'mob mentality' toward people who entertain unpopular positions." In the context of the pandemic, this is hysterical gaslighting, plain and simple.

If there's a mob mentality it exists among the MAGA and MAGA-adjacent culture warriors who continue to litigate the spurious and conspiratorial claims of abuse by America's public heath establishment and other people and institutions charged with protecting health and life during the pandemic.

There was no great scheme to use (or launch!) the pandemic to subjugate the pubic for nefarious ends or any end in particular. Such charges are the product of bad faith, fear mongering, anti-government agendas and disordered imaginations, among other things.

Please do better, FAIR. Don't let your eagerness to foil the antidemocratic excesses of wokeism push you over to the Trumpist dark side.

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