I hope this is ok place to ask a question about your org's approach. (If not, where should I direct my question/find the answer?)

I really enjoy so much of what FAIR is working on and having been diving into your articles and presentations for a few weeks now. I see a lot of really accurate detailing around the problems with censorship, compelled speech, race essentialism, and denial of science/evidence that progressive social justice fundamentalism has.

And so many of the solutions you are suggesting make so much for sense (gender exploratory therapy, the FAIR approach to anti-discrimination, I love these!)

I am curious about what I do not see being covered. Namely things like censorship, book bans, potential civil rights violations, and the denial of science/evidence that we see occurring in right-wing "anti-woke" places including huge, impactful state-level policies.

For instance, here in Florida the suggested replacement to CRT approach to US's history of slavery includes things like stating the "benefits" like skill-building that slaves received (definitely not a democracy-based or evidence-based approach to our history)...

...or the concerning legal allowances for things like driving a car into a group of peaceful protestors.

These sorts of moves are just as alarming and threatening to democracy as what we see going wrong inside of SJ fundamentalism.

Are the issues of fairness, civil rights, and democracy violations that are occurring in places and policies outside of progressive social justice fundamentalism, covered by your organization?

If so, are they attended to in balance? I ask these because I feel like I see a whole lot more focus (perhaps exclusive focus?) on the issues occurring with SJ fundamentalism?

If you don't cover issues of "undemocracy" on other places in the political spectrum, would you mind talking about your reasoning?

Thank you for the space to ask this question!

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With regard to the Monica Harris article. The problem is that gays and trans really don't have that much in common and trans activists have pushed a number of divisive issues that have the potential to harm women and children. Trans women (aka men) in women's sports, locker rooms and prisons and the sterilization of children simplv have no counterpart in the relations between gays and heterosexuals. It's the spillover from these controversial issues that is adversely affecting the view of gay rights. Time for a divorce.

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