"We have all seen widely circulated videotapes of students boisterously interrupting remarks by speakers and university officials by shouting out insults, including vulgar and profane epithets. Could these students effectively convey their strongly held views through language that is constrained to be civil either in its content or its manner of delivery?"

Let's borrow from the other side and look at the impact of the speech instead of its intent. What if the shouted vulgar epithets shut down the speaker? Explain why this isn't just a highfalutin endorsement of the hecklers' veto.

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I think it's naive to believe that college campuses are going to bring back free speech. They've made it clear that ideological purity is the MO on campuses across the country.

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Yes. If its real civility they expect then they can begin themselves. We see the demonic attitude and self-righteous violence of far leftists all the time.

And that fkhead Trudeau who knows only violence vs talking dared to create a new rule at Parliament Hill: no more Fk Trudeau flags.

Parliament means communication with the country, not horses stomping on citizens. And the commies crossed the line when they attack our innocent kids.

Civility, right. They will be the ones needing earplugs very soon.

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