I’m not okay with having the article on K-12 schools being highlighted when it’s based on well worn rhetoric that inaccurately portrays what today’s schools focus on. Even more damning is how this teacher falsely states that even MORE inquiry is what kids need.

The truth is simple.

We have a higher percentage of kids falling through the cracks because they can’t read, they can’t write and they don’t know basic arithmetic by the time they’re 9 years old. They will never catch up, and no amount of inquiry, or Socratic teaching will get them there. What they need is more mastery, more practice, in order to garner more knowledge before they can even attempt critical thought.

The novice learner is not equal to a master learner. They need help. 50 years of Cognitive Science tells us that https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1207/s15326985ep4102_1. But in typical edu fashion, Ed schools and curriculum turn the other way. We have weaker school standards than ever before and our student achievement reflects that.

I highly recommend more palatable columns to recommend - teacher/author Barry Garelick is one https://substack.com/profile/23585752-barry-garelick, as is Greg Ashman https://substack.com/profile/12430510-greg-ashman , or at the very least, scrutinize columns before blindly recommending them that do more harm than good.

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Sasha Rosenburg a great article.

The schools’ curricula would inevitably become centered on DEI, and quality education would become secondary to activism. Which means lets all be dumbed down together. Imagine the frustration and anger generated by kids who want to learn and excel but are told you must understand that is a form of discrimination. So for $38 billion and 36K per student you get mediocracy from the who deal. A bloated bureaucracy which says, we are not appreciated, we are under paid, and under staffed. Oh please keep those germ ridden kids at home and in a mask.

No wonder they hate school choice and vouchers. Some of these parasites might actually have to get a real job and do some actual work. How absolutely racist, homophobic, right wing SUPER MAGA, terroristic can you be? You actually want education for your kids for 38 billion? Please!

Is there any wonder why parents are saying enough of this crap and how about we get involved in what is being taught and the results we expect. Kids who can not read, write, or do basic math are simply dead weight to a society. That is reality, but it also makes them more dependent on politicians and hand outs. Which the Teachers Union fully supports these same politicians who say this works for both of us.

Last question, was the Hunter Study by Hunter Biden during one of his drug fueled binges and in consultation with Corn Pop? Sure sounds like it.

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Let's start with - The Battle Over Diversity Training. I find this article to be a form of subjective bias, criticism, and a pre-ordained opinion. Let me say that when you write the words " that DeSantis’s Trump-lite culture-warmongering is cynical and noxious, and the “Stop WOKE” law—which should be taken out and shot for its moniker alone—is a very real speech infringement, especially given the broad scope and the vagueness of its prohibitions."

"so culture warriors like DeSantis are only too happy to trample on corporations’ First Amendment rights. At least, until they run into judicial review." What is being said is TRUMP - TRUMP must be bad. Have you even taken time to understand why parents and corporations and their workers are tired of being told how racist and bigoted they are? Have you wondered why our children are doing so poorly in STEM and we must import STEM professionals? Have you ever worked in a corporation or setting that pulls you into a workshop to tell you what a piece of crap you are and you need to re-consider your values and life? Plus, you still need to make your deadlines even though we put you in theses workshops or you will be rated poorly. The government has been doing this for almost 50 years. Every new and supposed method to improve relations and performance and get equality. Yet here we are. Maybe people are just sick of being told or implied they are somehow the problem in society. When the real problem is slackers who want to get rich off division and lazy politicians who say, yeah that must be it. Not that we piss money away to our friends and sponsors versus the peoples needs. So you paint all of this as a radical Right Wing push. That in its self says you had a pre set opinion and didn't try to understand why people are rebelling and saying "enough".

Then you add, "While Rufo’s dispatches from the culture-war front definitely need to be taken with a grain, or maybe a shaker-full, of salt"; which means this could be off some but not to the level of the Right Wing Culture Warrior who must be taken to court. Seriously, try to be at least a little more coy in trying to write a hit piece on any attempts to question the put forth culture-war that is designed to solve all of societies problems. Think I have seen this, oh yah, in the late 60's and early 70"s when the military put us all in racial training. So this is really an updated money hustle program. How about advocating for the cities to properly fund schools, provide equal learning capabilities and try to pull in some jobs for people rather than saying it's all racial?

Ad for, Manji decided to expand the project into a unique DEI consultancy in which the initials stand for “diversity, empathy, and inclusion.” I am afraid it is also just a renamed replay of all of the last 50 years. Until we get to a point where you are truly able to speak your mind, no matter how dumb it is Rufo and any KKK idiots out there, you will not have true free speech.

Final thought, if companies or schools with parents inputs want any training, it should be based on something from history. How about the slave James Armistead Lafayette who without there would be no United States. Maybe more on the Buffalo Soldiers, the Chinese who built the railroads, the 313 Artillery Unit in WW II. An in-depth look at slavery and its origins, where did they come from, why were they prisoners, who bought and sold them, the industrial revolution with no Irish or Italians need apply? There is plenty to teach and discuss without getting someone's personnel take on what is societies problem and oh by the way, pay me.

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