For First Things, FAIR email recipient Adrian Gaty wrote about the dehumanizing dangers of a Big Pharma controlled curriculum:

“Once we have obedience in a tablet—a drug that makes students sit still and attend to whatever faddish nonsense their teacher may be spouting—society can be independent no longer. By making pharmaceuticals an integral part of the modern educational project, it is not simply the stimulant-taking students who become docile and obedient, but the unmedicated ones as well.”


FAIR members will be very much interested in the follow-up to this article that will be appearing on my substack tomorrow morning, so subscribe for free now!


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I enjoy the writings and so appreciate the mission of FAIR and joined over a year ago. Now I'm wondering if I have to subscribe to the Atlantic? I don't want to nor can I really afford it. However, it seems that many of the articles in FAIR weekly roundup are from that magazine.

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