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Thank you for Winston Marshall’s excellent speech. It’s been inspiring to witness his self-reinvention after losing his world-famous music gig for the crime of reading a book. He’s a thoughtful and respectful interviewer who brings on amazing guests. I always look forward to his podcast.

Marshall reminds us that free speech was once a foundational principle for performers, and he wonders what happened. He’s not alone. I was reminded of “Killer Mike” Michael Render of Outkast, whose defense of free speech in public forums is powerful. Here he is discussing the same on the podcast of FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression):


Marshall wonders what it will take to overturn the censorious, virtue-signaling conformity of self-righteous performers trying to keep their bread buttered. Why not start an organization of the Cancelled, the non-woke and their allies in show business? Individually it’s a lonely road, but en masse a lot can be accomplished. I’m aware that it could be risky, but, like Marshall, many have already paid the price and are rebuilding their careers. Where there’s life, there’s art.

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