Remember the good old days, when the Right's contribution to the free speech debate was embodied by George H. Bush's attack line on opposing presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, "He's a card-carrying member of the ACLU!"

Ah how times have changed.

The ACLU is still the Right's boogeyman, but now for completely different reasons. Now it's the Left in the role of over-reaching authoritarian and the Right in that of free-speech lovers.

And the ACLU now stands for "Free speech for me, but not for thee", and FIRE had to be created to fill the gap.

Thank you again FAIR, for remaining constant (so far....).

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Weird error in the Reuters article on the ABA .

It says "The change comes after several high-profile incidents at elite law schools where student disrupted speakers and amid campus tensions over conflict over Israel’s war with Hamas", then goes on to name 3 specific incidents at elite law schools - that took place long before Israel's war with Hamas.

Editors, anyone?

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*colorblind* society, eh? I can’t tell if you’re being insincere on purpose or due to sincere ignorance. And I hope you are not purposefully pushing ignorance.

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It is important to see the quote you pulled from Sullivan in context, so I encourage people to read the entire article. This also was in the interview:

FS: By your account, it’s sounding pretty good so far! What’s not to like about Trump II?

AS: The end of the rule of law and the end of the American Constitution, which are far, far more important.

Many FAIR readers are fed up with identity politics. I am particularly horrified by the policies born of gender ideology that are harming children and women. But some of us also consider the threat to the rule of law and the constitution in a Trump presidency to be very, very real. Although they have exaggerated and gaslit us again and again, (and pissed me off more than I can convey) it's one place where the Democrats are absolutely not exaggerating. He didn't succeed the first time, but there is no reason to doubt his intent.

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