When I voted yesterday, I used one of the voting sites to determine policy positions for candidates. The one question that everyone across the board, most Dems, Republicans, and Independents answered the same way was “Should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for the same job?” They answered “yes.” There is broad consensus across the board that women should be treated fairly and equally.

Are there pockets of resistance and problems to be solved? Of course. But, over time, those pockets will wane and the problems will be solved. Women have more opportunity than ever before in history right at this present moment.

I live the life of a liberated woman. I own my own business and property and manage my own money and other affairs. I am married to a man who is my partner and peer and who doesn't influence my choices unless I ask him to.

I can live this life because of the millions of hours of toil and the unwavering perseverance of my forebears in their efforts to procure women's rights.

Do I still face headwinds? Occasionally. But there are so many workarounds and opportunities these days that there is no way that those opposed to women's empowerment can stop any woman truly determined to forge her own path.

I, for one, am grateful for this progress and choose not to ignore it, but to celebrate it while serving on a board of directors of a group dedicated to empowering women even further.

Nitpicking statistics, especially when it is not in good faith, will get us nowhere except embroiled in bitter discord. Instead, let's celebrate the wins and keep working toward a more just world—together.

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Great piece highlighting textbook confirmation bias.

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