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Yawn, I think that much of the things discussed can be covered by just following our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Everyone has the same rights, and it is government and people who seek to identify artificial barriers to allowing us all to be the same. If we just enforced what is written and stop telling everyone why you are held back or why you are special and not appreciated. How about not giving a rat's ass if everyone likes you?

Ever notice rich folks all like each other and hang out together regardless of race, religion, or anything else. I would say the biggest discrimination we face is the inherent racism by the Federal Education Agency which has held minorities back since Lyndon Johnson (rot in Hell and thanks for Vietnam) signed his legislation and the entire government bureaucracy which has people's jobs depending on division.

Our neighborhood is very mixed, and we all get along fine. When people are equaled out in employment, education, and housing they all have the same goals. Continue to keep what they have. How about we concentrate on that and skip the constant pointing out why we should tell each other how bad each other is.

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