I wish that Dr. Lee had been more specific in describing what distinguished her from her colleagues ideologically speaking. Obviously, she was treated appallingly. But it would have been instructive to understand how her colleagues pegged her as a heretic on the very first day. What constituted her “white” thought crimes?

I’m also a bit bemused that Dr. Lee made it all the way through the interview process without noticing that she was about to step into an “anti-racist” snake pit. It seems that her due diligence failed her. But maybe it couldn’t be avoided, because woke social justice is nothing if not manipulative and subversive by design.

Anyway, Dr. Lee is the soul of equanimity. I hope she lands somewhere more congenial to the principles of the pro-human movement, and that she got a cash settlement commensurate with the degree of pain and suffering she was forced to endure at the hands of the benighted ideologues running that sorry institution. She won’t retire there, but she dodged a bullet.

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