Oh, no. I hope this letter reaches medical professionals who are not affected by this outcome, such as an activist, a person who has transitioned, a doctor who doesn't make money off these procedures, etc. I can't believe how far the AMA has strayed from its purpose. I also wonder if they know this seems to be pushing gay and lesbian people to disown themselves as they are. The message seems to be that if you happen to be gay/lesbian, something is wrong with you that should be "fixed." Horrible.

Also, congratulations on adding Michael Shellenberger to your team. He will be nothing but an asset, I'm sure.

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Sterilizing kids is wrong. Very wrong. Just stop.

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FAIR again shows commitment to pursuing and fighting all of the evil aspects of the leftist agenda in its various forms. God is supporting your efforts as are we. There is justice at the end of this tunnel. We Continue to pray and work for the truth.

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Very disappointing that Shellenberger has joined FAIR -- but not surprising since he attaches himself to any topic that he can profit from. The investigative reporter Paul Thacker did a deep dive into Shellenberger's "Breakthrough Institute" and it isn't pretty. This is really the type of person FAIR wants to associate with?




Is FAIR going to continue to hire corporate apologists (ie, the typical right-wing think tank model) or will you be true to your pro-human mission? It's not looking good...

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Thank you for being a dissenting voice. While I was initially impressed by Schellenberger because of his critique of San Francisco's handling of its self-inflicted crises of homelessness, addiction and mental illness, I quickly became disenchanted with him when he took right-wing stands on other topics. I saw this in James Linsday and Brett Weinstein, and I had no appetite for following another obstinate, contrarian know-it-all.

Schellenberger's appointment to FAIR's advisory board is not the only recent instance in which FAIR has failed to live up to its values.

In early December, FAIR platformed another member of its advisory board, Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University, on the occasion of his receipt of the Religious Freedom Institute’s 2023 Defender of Religious Freedom Award. In so doing, FAIR also platformed the National Catholic Register and its story about the award.

When I read Professor George's remarks, I was appalled to find an unapologetic and strident defense of discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans on strictly sectarian grounds.

Professor George not only attacked marriage equality on purely religious grounds, he proudly advanced the outrageous notion that when a church owns and operates institutions with purely secular purposes that do business with members of the public such as "schools, hospitals, food pantries, shelters, adoption agencies, rehab centers, or what have you," [1] they have the right to refuse to serve gay and lesbians if they or some aspect of the proposed transaction offends church teachings.

I consider this to be a form of domestic religious imperialism in which churches restrict gay people's freedom to engage in ordinary secular business transactions on the same basis as non-gays through the use of exclusionary religious purity tests. Upon further reflection, I submit that the professor's position smacks of the Nazis' infamous Nuremburg laws that pushed Jews out of German public life.

It has been over a month since I sent the Foundation Against INTOLERANCE and Racism a letter objecting to the organization's hypocritical indifference to religiously motivated intolerance against gay people. I have yet to receive a response. I hope your complaint gains more traction than mine, which appears to have been ignored.

[1] George, Robert P. "Championing Religious Freedom: ‘We Must Preserve Our Unity’ Going Beyond Political Disputes." National Catholic Register. 4 November 2023. https://www.ncregister.com/commentaries/championing-religious-freedom-rfi-address-2023

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