The following--which I just pulled off my Twitter feed--is typical:

Sonora Review



18 Sep

Submissions for Sonora Review are open! We welcome writers of all backgrounds and identities, particularly including people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, and all others whom traditional publishing has historically excluded. We can't wait to read your work.

I'd heard about orchestras--which used to listen to applicant tapes blind, not knowing gender, ethnicity or sexual identity--now actively recruiting persons of color, favoring skin over merit. These practices in any area of the arts or anywhere else are unacceptable. I submit frequently to literary magazines like Sonora Review, and have seen, occasionally on the Submittable platform, requests to identify the skin color or some other quality of the person submitting. I've been quite unhappy about this for a long time and am glad FAIR is calling out magazines for this practice.

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. Indeed, it is generous and thoughtful of journals to offer preferential submission requirements for those facing economic hardships or other needs.

You are extremely naive to think this won’t be abused. It’s also wrong. I want the best people available. People overcoming hardship deserve our respect, but not preferential treatment.

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They also decree that they won’t publish anything “racist” or “hateful” or what have you which basically means that some conflicts will be demonized by ideological editors. Take Roth or Malamud for example. This breaks my heart. It’s ruining literature, just ruining it. And I find myself aggressively disinterested in reading “black” or immigrant writing because it’s so RACIST.

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I remember when the goal was having everyone at the table; not making "equity" by kicking others off. You can't fight bigotry with more bigotry.

I'm disappointed and alarmed, but no longer surprised, at the lack of alarm concerning Left censorship, like the recent removal and destruction of all books published before 2008 at that school library system in Canada. Every is too accepting when "their" side does it.

Censorship is censorship, wrong is wrong.

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Not surprised about the literary journals. They need to be called out. Thanks.

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I submitted a piece and had to state trigger warnings. So glad you are addressing the issue of preferential treatment.

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'Indeed, it is generous and thoughtful of journals to offer preferential submission requirements for those facing economic hardships or other needs.'

Thank you for clarifying why this is an issue.. I would go one step further and say that they are.not truly generous at all. They care only about certain people, while totally disregarding others. That's not generous, it's virtue signaling and hypocrisy.

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Portland, Oregon's city and county governments have been captured by wokeism. It is almost as if the bureaucracies had resolved to implement Ibram X. Kendi's maxim that "the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination."

This form of reverse discrimination affects city housing projects, which are unabashedly marketed to blacks as a way to overcome the alleged racism behind freeway construction, urban renewal and demographic change. Public art-tax dollars are awarded in ways that disproportionately benefit favored marginalized and underrepresented racial and ethnic identity groups. The diversity statements that some applicants for city jobs are required to submit work against white individuals.

With its continuous disparagement of "gentrification," the city is in essence engaged in a cold war against white Portlanders who have committed or are carrying out the grave racial transgression of buying homes in historically black neighborhoods. At the same time, Portland never passes up an opportunity to condemn the long-discontinued practice of racial redlining even though its condemnation of gentification has an effect similar to that of redlining.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

It's high time for one or more conservative legal foundations to scrutinize city and county operations and hold local governments accountable for any violations of nondiscrimination laws they uncover.

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