God bless FAIRs efforts in this and other blatantly discriminatory hiring practices. We live in a country where ALL should be treated equally (in line with MLK's true desire for our society).

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I wish it was easier to get involved with FAIR on a local level! They do such great work! So FAIR!

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I am happy to be a part of Fair's readership. As I was watching everyone on X ask how the 1st Amendment would be enforced after the Biden Administration was found guilty of violating those rights, I was thinking to myself that the only real way to make sure everyone's rights are protected is through the pocketbook. When people start to lose money over their discriminatory practices, they will stop. Thank you all for fight the good fight.

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Wow - that's a gut punch!

Is FAIR being redpilled the way the ACLU was transpilled? Do you have any idea what America First Legal is? Its president is none other than Stephen Miller, the Goebbels/Himmler of the Trump administration. Miller worked harder than anyone to spread intolerance and racism throughout the land.

FAIR's moral compass is broken. At the very least FAIR should have published a disclaimer distancing itself from America First Legal's pro-Trump, conspiratorial, election-denying political agenda.

Yes, of course, reverse discrimination is an abomination. I can fully believe that woke organizations engage in discriminatory hiring and employment practices. However, this situation shows that not every enemy of one's enemy is a friend. Sometimes they're just plain enemies.

Does FAIR want to be associated with MAGA conspiracy theories?

Just take a look at the causes America First Legal is advancing:

1. The Biden "Impeachment":

“Never before in our history has evidence of such blatant corruption been displayed at the highest levels of government. The available evidence already shows that there was no daylight between the-then Office of Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden’s activities, highly suspicious financial transactions between foreign entities and the Biden family, interference in internal matters in foreign countries to benefit Hunter’s bottom line, the list goes on and on.

Speaker McCarthy is right to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. As Chairman Comer and Chairman Jordan have shown–and as our own critical work has documented, such as the existence of thousands of emails between Rosemont Seneca and Joe Biden’s office–there is more than ample evidence that justifies moving forward with this vital inquiry.

The American people deserve the truth and accountability; by initiating this process, they are one step closer to getting both.”

2. "America First Legal Launches New Investigation Into Joe Biden’s Use of Private Email Accounts for Official Business While Serving as Vice President."

3. "America First Legal Sues the FBI and DOJ for Concealing Records of Biden Administration Midterm Election Interference"

4. "New Hunter Biden Emails Obtained by America First Legal From Lawsuit Against the National Archives Reveal Over 1,000 Emails Between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of Vice President."

5. "America First Legal Launches Investigation into Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis for Costs Associated with Trump Investigation, External Communications."

6. "America First Legal Files Brief in Arizona Election Lawsuit to Ensure Votes Are Counted Properly."

7. "America First Legal Releases Statement Following the Fulton County Indictment Against President Donald J. Trump"

“This latest indictment is the definition of ‘political prosecution.’ Fani Willis is a failed District Attorney who has embarked on a politically-driven and legally-flawed prosecution, not to actually protect the people of Fulton County, but to enhance her career ambitions. She has undoubtedly wasted millions of taxpayer dollars over the course of her self-righteous crusade, all while the good people of Fulton County continue to be terrorized by career criminals and gangs. Her personal ambitions take priority over all else. Through her actions, she will require not only the former President of the United States to defend himself against ridiculous charges at great expense but many others.

The legal flaws with her theories are too numerous to list. She is an embarrassment to prosecutors everywhere who seek to advance true justice. The damage that she and others–whose zealous rage and desire to inflict political pain on Donald J. Trump–have inflicted on our society will not easily be fixed,“

8. "America First Legal Challenges Obamacare’s Constitutional Violations in Fifth Circuit Brief."

And this are just the crackpot causes on the first of two pages of press releases.



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I don't really understand if you are doing reverse psychology or if you are being serious.

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Can you explain what you mean by "reverse psychology"?

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Sure. I'm not sure if this post is legitimately saying they are upset with FAIR or if they are pretending to be upset while they list all the actual lawsuits and true statements in order to draw attention to those things listed.

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