"'Every day is a gift,' I told my colleagues. 'Every day that you wake up, and experience life, remember, and be grateful for the gift that you have been given. That is the key to true happiness.'

It can feel at times, especially in the era of social media, that we are surrounded by a sea of cynicism. Grievance-based ideas and ideologies have permeated our culture, and present themselves in a virtuous way. And yet, we have so much to be grateful for, so many reasons to be optimistic. This year, as we kick off 2023, I hope we can resolve to try and treat others with grace and humility. To be charitable, curious, and compassionate—especially toward those who we may not understand, or who have a different perspective from our own. If we stay grounded, and positive, and maintain a nuanced perspective, then we can help others find their way to dry land.

There are so many reasons to see the good in our fellow travelers on this earth. While grievance can be an insidious force, we need to remember that gratitude is the key—not only to personal happiness and fulfillment, but to our ability to flourish as a people."

Thanks for this. Food for the soul.

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Well said, Bion. A great message for the start of 2023.

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