It might be better just to stop discriminating.


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Excellent piece. Let's hope the tide is beginning to turn.


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I love this piece Daniel! I do wonder if it is better to refer to Dr. Lee as a "Professor" rather than a "Black Professor". Everything she has said on this topic is valid and important; does it matter what color her skin is?

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So refreshing to see the Constitution being properly respected again. Not so much here in Canada, and I hope we will catch up soon to the USA's justice system in this regard once we oust the corrupt Liberal party here. The foundations of our nations have been eroded (often by subtle foreign influences and "charities" with hidden funding) and it is encouraging to see We the People rising up again!

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This was an excellent piece.

I am concerned that educational institutions use your & my children as unwitting test subjects. This has been going on for decades - they do not ask for permission or even warn parents they want to try untested (or poorly tested) techniques on their kids. There has been a string of failed educational fads going back decades. Recall learning styles? New Math? Sight Reading? NCLB? Ebonics? These fads have all been foisted on unsuspecting children and have harmed many, some irreparably.

Anti-racism, Cooperative Learning, SEL & PBIS, Growth Mindset are current fads that are looking more and more like failures.

Almost everything spewing forth from Schools of Education is either a worthless fad or rebranding of a tried and true technique. That should not be a surprise because humans have been educating their young since long before the invention of intellectuals.

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The Creative decision was entirely differnt from the affirmative action one. The Creative decision was based on a hypothetical and shoul not even have been heard by the Court. Shame on FAIR for supporting this OR equating it with the SFFA decision.

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