Thirty years in healthcare this May. Any healthcare professional practicing this racist mode of csre should lose their license. It is disgusting. Many have made politics their religion and moral compass. This is part of how we got here.

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The Telegraph in the UK has published a list of factors which can cause increased risk of severe COVID (basically the UK told the wrong people to shield according to the latest research).These factors are:

Condition and relative increased risk of death age 55

Inflammatory arthritis +20%

Male sex +80%

Black ethnicity 2x

Severe asthma 2.3x

Spleen disease 2.3x

Severely obese 3.4x

Heart failure 5.2x

Type 2 diabetes 5.2x

Organ transplant 6.4x

Type 1 diabetes 8.7x

Blood cancer in last year 10x

Renal dialysis 15x

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If any of these neo-racist people actually cared about Black people, or any other minority, they’d at least watch Senator Johnson’s 1/24/2022 hearing to see how these compulsory vaccines put 1 in 10 Black men at an enormous risk of vaccine injury. That would be a proper way to consider “race” and genetics in medicine.

The current neo-racist policies are just meant to divide us, and they serve no interest except Democrat control in power by dividing us.

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