As much as it has been preached, I just can't even seem to MAKE myself judge anyone based on their skin. I've tried. I can't do it. I treat people like people. If the feeling is reciprocated, we can be friends. For me, this has always been the right way. There are people I don't like or respect, but they come from every race imaginable. So do the people I love dearly. Race will stop mattering to people when race doesn't matter. I'll always be color-indifferent. I'm not blind, I can see you. It just doesn't matter to me.

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Can’t believe this has to be said but racist have a way of never letting go of their love for the measure of one’s melanin as a distinguishing characteristic of a human being. Kendi and his ilk are truly disgusting.

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One of the most popular brands of anti fungal cream is 1% tolnaftate. That's the *active ingredient.* It's the stuff that, without it, nothing happens. Well, the active ingredient in racism is race-essentialism. Without seeing race as an essential aspect of all interactions, racism can't happen.

"Race-consciousness" is a euphemism for race-essentialism.

The problem with the people Hughes calls "neoracists" is that they somehow think they're going to be able to end racism by drinking race-essentialism by the gallon. "Race is everywhere, this race has too much power, that race does not have enough, we need to take it from this race and give it to that race." It's the exact same monster that the Nazis and the KKK tried to ride.

Watching them get on top is like watching that old horror movie trope - some teenager gets ahold of a copy of the Necronomicon and decides to summon a demon by reciting a spell within it because she has a bully at school that needs to be stopped. The demon comes, bullies the bully, lots of laughs at first, but then it gets out of hand. People start dying at school and now she's got to find a way to send the demon back to Hell.

In our quantum reality, they picked the Jews to scapegoat as oppressor/colonizers with an ethno-state and watching them march against Israel after the vicious attacks of October 7th was - for many - the moment the demon went too far.

I don't think the "neoracists" will know how to get us away from race and their insistence on making it so central to everything has only made everything worse. Thank you to Coleman Hughes for being so brave in his fight against this ideology.

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They say the biggest flaw in 'colorblindness' is it can be used to conceal racism.

I say any ideology can be used to conceal racism. In fact, the worst racists (speaking only of powerful Whites prejudiced against PoC) quote the rhetoric while subtly propagating racial inequality.

Now, it has changed: the worst racists actually _use_ the woke ideology to fan the flames of racism among Whites. They can just quote Kendi & Di Angelo to motivate voter turnout. Also, it seems the fanbase of replacement theory grows every time someone brings up reparations.

Either the Social Justice League is over-playing their hand or they are part of a false-flag operation to set back racial equality for generations.

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I believe both the "color blind" goal and the "anti-racists" goals are both overly idealistic in a country as diverse as the divided states.

So many in the country believe the goal is to establish their beliefs at the federal level. That certainly rouses those that feel the federal government is not address their grievances. But should the federal government be the place that grievances should be addressed?

The country is falling apart because there is no real community focus any more. What happened to all politics is local? The mainstream news and social media have made all politics federal.

Since the over 60 years since Dr King launched his ministry, can Black people point to a single community that aligns with their interpretation of Dr King's message?

There is much anger in the Black community. That anger would be better focused on building up the community than airing grievances at the national level. I would be very motivated to see a Black community recreate Black wallstreet.

Its natural for humans to create communities of like mindedness and like lookedness. It's idealistic to believe that the divided states will ever be a color-blind heaven. Its pragmatic to create the vision at the community level. Both Dr King and the Black power movement inspired idealism. They didn't inspire local pragmatism.

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Count me in for 'colorblind', since I'm a relic from the King years ;) I'm quite fed up with 'antiracist' racism and the blinding lack of self-awareness with what passes for modern-day 'antiracists'. I s'pose no one is ever really 100% colorblind, not in today's world, but living in Canada I can afford to be more colorblind, in the sense that I worry less about saying and doing the wrong thing. In Toronto, people just act more normal with each other. What I'm trying to do with everybody, since my prejudice tends toward different political views rather than skin color, is to just see the *person* in front of me without judgement. I'd even do it if I met Kendi and I already can't stand him, lol...but if I met him I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then when he said something stupid....that would be the end of it ;)

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Racism is a competitive relationship between groups for ownership and control of resources for wealth and power. Europeans got the headstart with genocide, free black labor, apartheid, and Jim Crow which mal-distributed massive generational wealth and power to whites. The pathologies in the inner cities are significantly correlated to poverty. Social integration isn't measurable; can't be deposited into the bank to compound interest. There used to be more black-owned businesses in black communities because they were compelled to do so by Jim Crow segregation. Now, immigrant small businesses have moved in and transferred wealth from black communities into theirs. There used to be one million black farmers in this country. Now, it's down to 40 thousand black farmers. Blacks increasingly depending on whites and their *buffer class* for necessities to sustain life is illogical, especially if the shit hits the fan in this country. Racism is a team sport as repeatedly demonstrated around the world daily. It's naive to think otherwise. Ideas and realities are two distinct things. Hope and change? Lol! Black folks need to get into the race and better compete as a group or become the most permanent underclass at the bottom. Immigrants coming into this country are an existential threat to black progress. More access to interracial sex is not going to improve the black group's wealth and power. Blacks need to redirect most of their spending to black-owned businesses. The Asians bounce around money in their communities 12 times before it leaves. Blacks: zero. MLK was assassinated after advocating for reparations.

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I am truly saddened by the state of today's race ideology.

I have a lot of anger toward President Lyndon Johnson for knowingly creating a perpetual (dependent) Democrat constituency that robbed the Black community of continuing a great legacy of family values with its increased opportunity for success.

I have a lot of anger toward the race hustlers, starting with Jesse Jackson, for putting their personal financial gain first and directing Blacks to be an angry government dependent culture and to reject even the better parts of White culture with its increased opportunities for success as being not Black.

And on and on to today.

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