Thanks to Sally for her willingness to fight the bureaucracy! The Academic-Social Justice Complex weaponizes bureaucracy, red tape, 'education' and the tedium of Academia to wage war against the American people. This article by Brooke Hemingway illustrates that tactic when the Township sent in military (I mean DEI) trainers to 'educate' the other side. Talk about arrogance! Since these guys are spending tax-payer money, the are accountable to agencies like school boards - who we elect! I hope to see FAIR candidates running for board positions to put a leash on these guys and bring about equality and end racial conflict. We need to be ready to provide sensible alternatives as these zealots becomes more and more extreme. Note: extremism is an occupational hazard for Academia - because pushing boundaries is how one makes one's mark. I fear that Kendi 2.0 will stir up a race war and - just like Trump - s/he will sit back and smirk at all the violence.

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Being born and raised as a Michigander. I understand how hard it is to get people to become part of anything. Lots of distrust for the government and a desire to be left the hell alone. Folks in Michigan are naturally distrusting.

However, liberalism is like mold. Unless you expose it to view and remove it, all it does is spread. In the end you have something that use to be valuable now covered with mold that offends the senses and is useless. That’s liberalism and the desire to teach you why you are the problem and not the useless mold carrying messengers.

Good luck, proud you are stepping forward and wish you all of the success you strive for. Would also say, maybe Fair needs to start endorsing school and civic leaders who have the Fair mentality.

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Very impressive! Well done handling difficult situations.

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You people are closet racists. White supremacy is real, and it is supported systemically and proven through statistics and bias analysis. OUr job is to intervene and part of that is actually recognizing the brutal history of America, and stop getting so upset when our historical motives and actions don't reflect well on us - white people. Not you, individually, but refusing to admit this stuff is incredibly destructive, and the goal of transparency and accountability is not achieved by using double speak. Here's a quote from a 2015 article, 5 years before the murder of George Floyd, where Ferguson features large:

During the debates over the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Senator J. Lister Hill, of Alabama, stood up and declared his opposition to the bill by arguing that the protection of black rights would necessarily infringe upon the rights of whites. This is the left-footed logic of a career Negrophobe, which should be immediately dismissed. Yet some variation of Hill’s thinking animates the contemporary political climate. Right-to-offend advocates are, willingly or not, trafficking in the same sort of argument for the right to maintain subordination. They are, however, correct in one key respect: there are no safe spaces. Nor, from the look of things, will there be any time soon.


Read it. Read about Montgomery Alabama, clearing house of slave trade. Read about the 6000 lynchings documented by EJI. Why on earth was there no anti-lynching law until March 2022?

Here's EJI's article on the legislation: https://eji.org/news/antilynching-act-signed-into-law/

Because... racism. The cost incurred to white people by dehumanizing the other is very high. It makes being honest with yourself so challenging, and then you must live in fear of being discovered. Why does racism become a binary? It is not. Sexist women abound, as do racist people of color. There are no free passes, it takes personal engagement to recognize and short circuit your bias. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Sally, I think you're on the wrong track. Don't take the history so personally. Look at Germany, where they have plaques commemorating the jews deported to camps everywhere, and refuse to put anyone to death because of their cultural history. Look at the fact that we have 25% of the worlds prisoners and the proportionality of black and latin is breathtaking. 1 in 3 black men are statistically expected to serve time in prison or jail; 1 in 17 white men. Statistics matter. It's not a personal accusation. Change is thwarted by denial of the past. Consider your own race. White people forget that they are white.

This is a very distressing organization. Communication skills really need to be developed for everyone, and we should all listen twice as much as speak. The cultural hang-over from rampant exploitation of anyone vulnerable to it won't go away by saying that they should get over it because it was a long time ago. Love is necessary, and anger is not love.

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