Thank you FAIR for writing this letter and the detailed notes on the specifics of what you disagree with in the NSBA letter. Here in Denver, we have been speaking respectfully to the school board, yet one of the school board members has posted insults and misinformation about what we have been saying, and some of us have felt threatened by his use of social media to harass parents. We found one video of a school board member who called our comments "garbage" and there have been times when school board members laughed when others called us racists and QAnon supporters (none of of our group are QAnon conspiracy theorists). School Boards could do a lot to ease the tension by actually listening and providing outlets to engage in respectful dialogue.

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Oct 14, 2021Liked by FAIR

NASB letter read like a propaganda piece, conflating Covid, CRT, and other topics. FAIR's response, paragraph by paragraph, was an insightful unpacking of NASB's false flag.

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Excellent letter, temperate yet determined. Even better is your annotation of the NSBA's letter. I have to laugh at their references to the Interstate Commerce Clause. What a lame way of attempting to suggest there is a legitimate federal role in dealing with this upsurge of parent discontent. I suppose some parent shouting loudly enough might be heard across some state line somewhere on a warm summer night with the windows open. Otherwise, as I say, a stretch, to say the least.

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(ALL CAPS are ITALICS. Granted, this might not even FIT. ;)

TY (thank You) to one or all for putting this response together. I'm not sure how much You intend for people to comment here or in the forums. Didn’t see anything in the forum about this. Please forgive if necessary.

First off, I gotta COMPLETELY DISAGREE (italics) with SethF. Unless he thinks the right to Freedom of Speech isn’t worth that much, I can’t see why he said what he did. But that’s just me and, of course, ICBW.

On the contrary. I can't get OVER how well-written the response was. I just read it again. I liked that “seemingly in response to the NSBA letter…” You likely saw this request: https://wordpress.aflegal.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Garland-Memo-DOJ-IG-Request.pdf

I can’t really highlight the best parts, because they’re all equally best. Especially separating the anti-maskers from the anti-CRTers. And ESPECIALLY thwarting the propaganda that CRT isn’t being taught in schools using the NEA quote. All-in-all *PERFECTO!* (italicized and BOLDED! :)

I'm not exactly clear on what the INTENT was to writing this response. IMHO, this should be sent to PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN (recall, italics), as that was who the original letter was directed to, right?. Then You can just “cc:” the NSBA. Just IMHO. All You would need to change is this one sentence: “The attached version of [your -> THEIR] letter is annotated to identify the parts that FAIR believes are misguided.”

Now, You hafta take this with a grain of salt. I studied the 24 reference notes and found some points You MIGHT wanna consider adding, if this hasn’t already been finalized. Or, probably better yet, saving them in mind for a future reply to this kind-a trash from the NSBA. Just some random musings, is all.

Note 5: https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/news/education/2021/09/20/sarasota-school-board-may-limit-public-input-after-meetings-gone-wild/8417784002/ “Under the proposed policy, the main public comment portion of the meeting would also be limited specifically to items that are on the agenda.” They also limit comments to one, two, or three minutes. This is a PERFECT example of what school boards are doing to avoid the will of the parents. These are the kind-a proposals that should be stopped in their tracks before it gets approved.

Note 9: https://www.wlns.com/news/grand-ledge-school-board-goes-into-recess-due-to-public-disruption/ People wanted to talk about in-person ed, masks, and CRT. “Except Pierson says they recently approved for students to go back in-person in the fall, and critical race theory has never been a topic of conversation and is not in the curriculum. Come June 28 though, an internal committee will make suggestions and present ideas to the board about making the curriculum more ‘culturally competent.’” Yeah, yeah, yeah…

But here’s a BIG problem, if true: “The interim superintendent, David Chapin, says they don’t believe everyone at the meeting on Monday was a parent of a student at GLPS or is even affiliated with the Grand Ledge community.” Whether true or not, they’re taking to threatening parents: “Chapin also said that during the meeting on June 21 and the 28, there will be police there just in case things get out of hand.”

Note 13: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/northern-virginia/loudoun-school-board-transgender-student-policy-race-equity/2708185/ I dunno if You wanna touch this one on transgender “rights.” But it shows, loud and clear, how today’s school boards OPERATE. They allowed a someone with a PENIS to go into the girl’s restroom. The father of one such girl wanted to speak against the proposed rule to allow this to go on. As this story indicates, his little girl was RAPED by one such boy wearing a skirt. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/10/loudoun_county_schools_are_worse_even_than_you_imagined.html Point is that father never GOT to speak. Measure passed. Board CLAIMED they’d never heard about it. Could even be true.

Not that it matters in the least but, personally, I changed my views on this issue a week ago. Now I’ve changed them back, since what I feared turned out to happen. Could change again, so there is that. While this issue doesn’t relate to CRT, it’s WOKEISM pure and simple. So dunno how FAIR think/feels about this kind-a thing. It’s a delicate issue. But I don’t recall the 99% of the biological females ever even being CONSULTED on any-a this. If someone can give a good reason why a biological male should be allowed to obliterate female sports, I’d like to “hear” it.

I think the rest were about masks and other miscellaneous garbage from the NSBA.

Again, take with a grain of salt, because this isn’t something that *I* can do anything about. Just something to consider down the road. But if there were some ways for FAIR Chapters to get involved, feet on the ground-wise, to separate the anti-CRTers and maskers, this MIGHT be something to CONSIDER mebbe:

In addition to adopting MLKs ideology, it might be possible to adopt his METHODS, in order to get parents needs met in SPITE of the powers that be.

TYTY to anyone taking time to read this JUNK. ;) Sorry it was so long. And, again, TYTY for writing such a GREAT response. :)

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I sympathize with the NASB concerns for the safety of real people being physically threatened. doesn't seem false at all. I don't think FAIR need wade into this now. looks like you are looking to pick a fight.

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