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The first paragraph sets up the issue that needs a national discussion for there are millions who want to tear it down. The problem is they never say what would the replacement would look like or what they actually want. I submit that's because most never think in those terms. Until then as the author notes, this is all about power and of course money

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Appreciate an intelligent and well thought out article such as this. America has struggled to implement equality and liberty fully. Not always perfect but we keep trying.

I would say that the biggest obstacle to that is special interest groups on both sides and the corruption of politicians who take the money for reelection.

For those obsessed with history and thinking they know what the founding fathers wanted, I say how about the real world of today? There is more slavery in the world today than ever. The slavery and abuse even at our Southern Border is beyond belief. Yet your worried about 200+ years ago. You are a joke to humanity and the human race. I encourage you to leave this racist country and go build a better one someplace.

As for me and my mixed marriage and my multi racial neighborhood and working community, we won't miss you.

Oh be sure to give away everything you own and your entire family owns as you got it illegally. Bye, bye!

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I agree with the thesis, but I'll quibble with one of the points. "the confederacy later attempted to reinstitute the slave trade in its Confederate Constitution." Thank you for linking to that constitution, but it seems to contradict your assertion:

Article I, Sec. 9. (I) The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

I don't think it's fair to call that a reinstitution of the slave trade. It certainly doesn't permit importation from Africa or the Caribbean. Even the most explicit defenders of slavery recognized by 1861 how odious the Middle Passage was.

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I really enjoyed this piece, and I feel that we can all turn to a solution together or we can keep beating dead horses. We've identified the past problems, let's find solutions, rather than grievances (because there are no end to those if you are looking-for everyone). As long as you have those of us that see the Founding Father's and their works as good, we will fight to maintain that Republic, as that is the legacy of The United States.

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Sure, you can ask a question but that doesn't mean it's a good or relevant question. This one is oh so fashionable, but stupid. While I appreciate the intellectual approach to rejecting the question, I don't think it even deserves a response.

America's legacy IS Liberty and Equality - there is absolutely no question about it.

The founders weren't perfect, we aren't perfect now but we are much more perfect than just 60 years ago. Looking at the past with perfect hindsight glasses can make one feel so very smart but it's only a feeling and is transient. And in 250 years our successors will likely be judging us as horribly imperfect.

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Thank you for this!!! It is rational and does not appeal to the emotions (inasmuch as that is possible for Americans to discuss America).

A European colleague recently observed that a huge flaw in American thought is American Exceptionalism: the notion that nothing significant ever happens/happened beyond our borders - both good and bad. We state that America has free speech as if we are the only ones who do and we point out America had slavery as if we were the only ones who did. This is particularly unacceptable because America, being a nation of immigrants and a microcosm of the world, cannot be understood in isolation from the world.

Another interesting point he made was our Civil War ended slavery but it was not a slave revolt - it was a culminating conflict between ruling classes in the South who supported slavery and ruling classes in the North who opposed it. The privileged race of America all but destroyed the nation (and sacrificed hundreds of thousands of privileged lives) for the sake of an enslaved race - now, that is exceptional.

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Interesting how people standing on the shoulders of greatness claim and blame history for not living up to their standards. I don’t believe the people claiming liberty or racism today can live up to those ideals- not even close. I’m just going to start asking deeper questions about the present and future to expose their hypocrisy.

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Might have more legitimacy in the mainstream if penned by an African American…

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